History of NADO

NADO came into begin 1989 as a NGO to started works at south bangal in Bangladesh and currently NADO one of the medium organization in Bangladesh. It was founded by a group of development activities and social awareness activities to serve the cause of the neglected, underprivileged, illiterate and unskilled urban & rural people of the society.

In 1988 Bangladesh under attracted a big natural calamity; a serious flood. All over the country are under the water and there were heavy causes of live. They lost their land, their house and their agro-production. They lost their domestic animal also. Their livelihood condition going to demotion day by day, because Bangladesh is a poorest country in the world. This shacked of the mind and heart of several social minded and enthusiastic young social worker Mr. Muzibur Rahman Chowdhury comes forward to serve the humanity. As a result, he came and establish a organization named NADO- An Organization for Human Development. The organization is established in 1st January 1989.

The perception of various needs, demands, challenges and deprivations faced by the under resourced sections was to put concerted efforts to fight the negative element crippling in the society which cause human suffering.

From the very beginning, NADO started its activities initially taking the rural wage issue of Women empowerment, Women & Child rights, Education, Health & Nutrition, Water & Sanitation, Youth employment, ICT Support, human rights and awareness based approach. These approach were up held by the organization in it’s later programs.

NADO started it’s journey for help urban people, to human development, to increase literature rate. NADO believed that Bangladesh will be a developing country in the world and Bangladesh is an ideal country in front of the world & we always be a part of this. NADO always work for people, for country.

NADO- An Organization for Human Development.