General Information

1 Name of the Organization : National Development Organization (NADO).
2 Date of Establishment : 1st January 1989.
3 Date of  Legally registered : 15th February 1989.
4 Legal Status : National Development Organization (NADO) is Registered with

a.    Department of Social Service
Vide Registration No- Dha-02243,
Registration Date: 15th February 1989.
Last renewed Date: N/A

b.   NGO Affairs Bureau
Vide Registration No- 441,
Registration Date: 11th February 1991.
Last renewed Date: 11th February 2016.

c.    Department of women affairs
Vide Registration No- FA- 148,
Registration Date: 23rd December 1997.
Last renewed Date: 22nd September 2013.

d.   Donor Registration: EC- PADOR
PADOR ID No: BD-2012-AVS-2701347211
Registration Date: 21 January 2012