Founder & Chief Executive

Muzibur Rahman Chowdhury
Muzibur Rahman Chowdhury Founder & Chief Executive

Muzibur Rahman Chowdhury is the Founder & Secretary General of NADO. He established this organization in 1989. Before he established this organization he was involved in so many famous and popular newspapers like The Daily Bangler BaniThe Daily Janata, The Daily Khoborpotro, The Daily Bangladesh Protidin etc. Professionally he is a Journalist. He was also a founder & Executive Editor in The Weekly Mithay Kora. He was also involved in so many social organization and association. He wanted to work for poor vulnerable people in his early life -student life for the society for the country. He started his career as a Journalist in 1980. He planted a seed of dream in his mind to serve the humanity.

In the meantime, the year of 1988 Bangladesh was affected by a big natural calamity, a serious flood. The whole country was under the water and there were heavy causes of live, loss of lands, houses, agro-production and domestic animal. Livelihood condition of the people was going to demote day by day, because Bangladesh is a poorest country in the world. This shook the mind and heart of several social minded and enthusiastic young social workers.Mr. Muzibur Rahman Chowdhury came forward to serve the humanity. As a result, he came and established a organization named NADO– An Organization for Human Development.
The organization is established in 1st January 1989.

Muzibur Rahman Chowdhury is the founder General Secretary of Nator Zila Samity, Dhaka (Nator District Association, Dhaka), the Joint Secretary General of North Bengal Journalist Forum (NBJF), the General Secretary of the Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB) Gopalgonj district and a Senior Sub Editor of The Daily Bangladesh Protidin (A Largest circulated daily in Bangladesh).