Last Three Years Program

SL NoName of The ProjectPurposeGeographical AreaAllocated BDTName of The Donor
01Rural Women Employment Creation Project.Education, Group formation, Training Employment etc.Kashiani, Gopalgonj.70,000,000/-Department of Women Affairs & Bangladesh Krishi Bank.
02Non-formal Primary Education pro.Child EducationKashiani, Gopalgonj.2,133,042/-BRAC
03Water & SanitationAwareness, Training, Courtyard meeting, School pro. VDC, Btu dis.Kashiani, Gopalgonj.1,871,800/-NGO Forum & Own fund.
04SanitationIncrease Hygiene practice.All project area1,695,000/-Own Fund.
05Distress Women Training programGroup Formation, Training & Employment.Kashiani, Muksudpur Dist: Gopalgonj & Baraigram, lalpur Dist: Nator.2,246,400/-Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation.
06Ifter and Qurbani program.Ifter Materials and meat disburse for distress, orphan, widow etc.Kashiani, dist:
Gopalgonj and
Baraigram, Dist: Natore.
Muslim Aid & SAWAB-Hayrat Vakfi
07NurseryTree PlantationAll area Where we work670,000/-Own fund.
08VGD ProjectGroup Formation & Training.Gurudaspur, Dist: Nator, Gopalgonj, Kotalipara, Tungipara, Dist: Gopalgonj, Banaripara, Babugonj, Dist: Barisal8,544,353/-Department of Women Affairs.